Long Overdue


Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved writing.  In grade school, I used to write a novel in installments (I never finished it).  Our working student (who was in college) even praised my barely begun “novel”.  I also used to write essays at the back of my notebook just for fun.

In high school, I used to keep a journal where I put my deepest, darkest feelings about…guess what?  Yep, you guessed right.  It continued until I was in college, and stopped when I started teaching grammar.  Why, you ask?  My being too conscious about grammar and syntax clogged the writer in me…it stopped the creative juices from flowing for fear (alliteration came in spontaneously, not intended) of committing grammatical errors.

So from being a writer, I’ve morphed into a speaker.  I had no choice but to be one, because I’ve become a teacher—a reluctant one, that is (FYI, I never dreamed of being a teacher because I used to think that teachers are drab [read:  no fashion sense, no social life, etc.]…until I met myself, Dewmaine the Teacher, har har).

Being a teacher has taught me so much.  Believe it or not, I was very, very KJ.  Crack me jokes and I’ll try to remve the fun out of it—I’d take jokes literally and try to explain that it is not possible.  Moreover, teaching has really improved the speaker in me.  I was never confident in speaking English, especially because I never had an environment filled with English speakers.  But then since I teach English grammar, I kinda forced myself to start speaking in English, and trained my tongue to speak English well.

Now, I want to return to writing—my first love.  So to other grammar police out there, wag muna akong i-criticize agad ‘pag may wrong grammar ako, OK.  Even the most seasoned writers have their editors, right?  Don’t worry, I’ll edit this.  But I want to be spontaneous and post my blog as soon as I finish.  So expect the revisions later pa.

Anyway, I hope you readers will laugh and learn from my posts.



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