Recycled Blog Entry: My First Real Heartbreak…over a Bag!


My First Love: THE STAM.

[originally posted on my Multiply blog on Oct. 13, 2009]

I was supposed to be sleeping but I can’t…I can’t get over a very, very depressing realization: I’M NOT GONNA HAVE A MARC JACOBS STAM BAG any time soon.

I was supposed to be sleeping but I can’t…I can’t get over a very, very depressing realization: I’M NOT GONNA HAVE A MARC JACOBS STAM BAG any time soon.

If Imelda Marcos is the Shoe Lady, I’m the Bag Lady.  I love bags.  They (and my wallets and watches) are the only things I that I NEED to have a nice brand name.  I don’t care about the labels of my clothes, footwear and make-up, but I do NEED my bags to have nice brand names.  For the past few years, I have coveted the not-so-expensive brands (yet still expensive for some) such as Mango, XOXO, Guess, Dooney and Bourke and most especially Baby Phat (my first Baby Phat bag was so worth it when two students gasped “Baby Phat” through their breath upon seeing my Baby Phat bag).  I already have plenty of bags but I know that I’ll be buying more, more, more!  In fact, before we got married, my husband-then-fiance jokingly told me, “O bago tayo ikasal may pre-nup muna tayo…1 bag lang ang bibilhin kada buwan.”  Of course he was exaggerating.  On the average, I need to buy a bag within 3 months.

So anyway, now that I am married, I have somehow changed a lot when it comes to fashion.  These days, I almost never wear sleeveless tops despite the fact that I am actually at my thinnest.  I also prefer medium-sized pearl earrings over my signature big earrings (Munira once told me: “You’re still the same, Dew.  Still fond of big earrings.”).

My taste in bag has also evolved…from Benetton, Girbaud and Esprit in college to Mango, XOXO, Baby Phat and Dooney and Bourke as a yuppie…to the real deal these days!  Since last year, I have been lusting after the fantabulous Marc Jacobs Stam bag.  The last few days, I’ve checked because I sold my drool-worthy Nine WEst Heech sandals there (hindi kinaya ng paa ko yung 5 inches!). I, for some reason, ran across a MARC JACOBS Stam listing.  The bag, it says, is definitely authentic.  It has been pre-owned but is still in excellent condition!  It cost Php 10,000…then my heart started pounding! I then realized that I”ve actually been working really hard and that I DESERVE to have at least a pre-owned (but in EXCELLENT CONDITION, take note) MARC JACOBS STAM!  Of course I first talked to Randy, and after a moment of pondering he said it was OK (but still stupidly asked why I don’t buy Leonardo bags and A Bag’s Life instead!).  So I brought my laptop to our room and searched and searched for better STAM deals. Early this morning, before working, I texted some STAM sellers.  AFter I hqve labored through the day, I again ogled at STAMS to my heart’s content.

As I was set on purchasing the best STAM deal, I saw how pretty the Chloe Paddington is as well , and read that it was the first “It” bag.  The price was almost the same as the Marc Stam. I pondered on getting it instead, but the STAM still won.  Deep in my heart I said to myself, NEXT TIME, wink wink.  As I was really about to buy my STAM, I thought of researching whether I’m buying the original.  As I’ve mentioned in my more previous post, I can’t enjoy fakes.  I really can’t.  Even if people would think I have the original, my fashion conscience would bother me big time.  So as I was saying, I reaserched on how to spot a fake Marc Jacobs…and what do you know…much as I try to convince myself otherwise, the MARC JACOBS that I was about to buy is a knockoff…

To those who are like me, here  some ways of spotting a fake MJ bag:

  1. The “R” in MARC should be like this
And not like this:

Do you see the difference?  The leg of the “R” in an authentic MARC JACOBS bag is slanting straight, whereas the leg of the “R” of a fake curves.

2. The seal MARC JACOBS is stamped on only one of the kiss locks at the top of the bag, bt never at both.

3.  The underside of the zipper of an authentic Marc Jacobs should have either the “riri” or “lampo” seal.  But beware:  there are also fake “riri” and “lampo” zippers.

4.  Authentic MJ bags have perfect stitching with thick thread

5.  The name plate inside the authentic MJ bag is attached to the bag itself and not just on the cloth lining.

There are other ways of knowing, but these are some of the surefire ways to easily spot a fake.  Matrabaho, yes, pero it’s woth it, I say.

I realized that the one I was eyeing is fake with the “R” thing.

Sigh.  Kelan kaya ako magkakaron ng authentic MJ Stam?

I am so, so heartbroken.  Indeed, this is my first heartbreak over a bag.  And it really hurts 😦


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