Recycled Blog Entry: WARNING: The Pains of Pregnancy are Underrated


[Originally posted on Facebook Notes on Thursday, June 10, 2010 at 5:05pm]

If only teenage girls know exactly what I’m experiencing right now, parents need not worry about their girls having sex. They’d abhor what I’m feeling and will be afraid of sex forever.

I was like this until my 12th week.

I’m on my 10th or 11th week (I lost track), and still sufferring (oops, just puked, really). Being on my first trimester, I’m one of the 50% of unlucky pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness (morning sickness is a misnomer! I feel sick at the wee hours of the morning, after lunch, in the evening, and everytime I smell or even think about deodorants and garlic! Oops, I’ve thought of them…barf again!). Tv and movies often exaggerate so many things, but they have downplayed pregnancy! I used to think that, when one is pregnant, she’d barf a couple of times and then she can resume her normal life. How little did I know!!!

I have a very healthy appetite…I eat a lot (as in a lot)! But ever since this pregnancy thing, I couldn’t stomach several kinds of food! Just the smell of some turns my stomach upside down. (barfed again).

Anyway, I’d like to share more but I have to rest…again!!! I never thought I’d hate resting but that’s all I do these days! Because if I tire myself out my poor baby would suffer too much…wala na nga akong makain, uubusin ko pa yung konting sustansiya ng body ko sa kaka-work.

Basta basta don’t get pregnant!!! If and when I have the time again I’d continue this. But aside from being tired, I smell someone naggigisa!!! Patay nanaman ako nito. Hay!

Girls and friends, don’t get pregnant! If you really want to have a baby and can afford to get a surrogate, just get one! At least hindi ka nahirapan at may nabigyan ka ng trabaho!

PS: Grabe din ang paglalaway! And if you swallow your saliva, it would make you queasy!


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