Reminiscing My Hell Months as a Pregnant Woman

As I reposted my recycled blog entry about pregnancy, I couldn’t help but reminisce the pains I’d undergone just to hold my already-very-heavy-but-super-adorable baby that is Raviv.  I remember how I swore to myself that I’d

26 weeks pregnant

NEVER, EVER get pregnant again (yes, that’s how bad it was).  I even guiltily remember how I wished the baby in my tummy would just vanish (Raviv, I’m so sorry for ever thinking that…I love you so much baby that I’d gladly undergo even double or triple what I’ve gone through just to hold you in my arms).

Just how bad was it?  Girls, read on so you’d know what you’ll be getting yourselves into and really prepare.  I’ve made a list of the things that made pregnancy such a chore:

  1. Morning, Mid-morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, Midnight, and Early Morning Sickness…in short, 24-hour Sickness!– this was the worst!!!  Imagine riding a rollercoaster all day…that’s how bad it was!  Just a slight trigger will make you barf!  Slight, as in the scent of ginisa from your neighbor several meters away!  Or even the smell of shampoo, deodorant or Safeguard!  And when I puke, I can’t help but think of myself as a woman morphing into becoming a manananggal…I puke soooo loudly I even scare myself.  And, embarrassing as it sounds, lemme confess that the force of the puking will make you lose control of your bladder…yes you’d pee uncontrollably!
  2. Super Sensitive Sense of Smell– as I’ve discussed earlier, even the scent of ginisa from your neighbor will make you say, “Bwaaaaa!”  Ugh!  I remember just staying in our room, windows and doors closed…and then suddenly I’d smell garlic!  And guess what?  The garlic is being pounded on the ground floor (I’m on the 3rd floor, yet I still smell it)!  Worse, Randy even had to sleep on the floor because his pheromones also made me puke!  It was such a difficut time for me because it was a time when I so badly wanted to be in the arms of my husband…and yet I can’t because of his smell (note: he doesn’t have BO or a stinky breath).  I also remember a time when I slept early, and then I woke up because vomit was forming on my throat…reason?  Randy was eating a blue Nova—garlic parmesan flavor!  I remember waking up screaming in a panicky voice, “Ano yung mabaho, ano yun?”  And then I stormed out f the room and abhored Randy for eating such.  I ran to the guest room and cried and cried there.  Perhaps equally worse is the fact that I dread taking a bath!  I was worse than a cat or a goat!  I dread it because bath time is vomit time…the smell of soap and shampoo makes me vomit too!  Randy even had to use the bathroom at the guest room when taking a bath just so I won’t smell his soap and shampoo.
  3. Weird Taste in the Mouth – everything tastes like metal.  Aside from not wanting to take a bath, I also dreaded brushing my teeth.  Ugh,  I almost had no hygiene then!  Moreover, I had to spit every now and then (this lasted up to the time I gave birth).  Saliva just welled up in my mouth and swallowing it made me queasy so I had to spit ev
    ery time.  Para talaga akong taong grasa (kasi ayaw maligo at mag-toothbrush) na walang breeding kasi dura pa nang dura!
  4. Darkened Navel Line (which a DevCom classmate used to fondly call, “Karug”…hehe, go figure) and Darkened Armpits I used to think that when I get pregnant, I’d be different and would not fall prey to these.  But lo and behold, even the great I did no

    36 weeks pregnant; about 2 weeks before I gave birth

    t escape this predicament!  My mom even told me stop wearing sleeveless clothes because my pits were really dark.  Well, good thing I did not really get fat and did not get ugly….people even said I might be carrying a boy because I looked lovely despite the bulge in my tummy.

  5. Aching Lower Back and Feet – this I did not expect as well…well, stupid I!  How could I not expect the weight of my tummy to take its toll on my feet and lower back?  I tell you, it was painful to walk even when wearing slippers!  SpaMoments earned big bucks from me because I used to have a massage almost every night to help alleviate the pain that pregnancy brought.

I kept complaining about all of these things because they made my life a living hell!  People just told me that when my baby arrives, I’d tell myself that everything was worth it.  But I thought to myself, “Nah, I don’t think so.”  But you know what?  People were right.  Raviv is so worth it.  Just seeing him smile makes me wonder why I ever complained having him in me.  This is not to say that one should take pregnancy lightly…one should be prepared for it because again, it was far from being a walk in the park.  Plan your pregnancy, wag magpadalus-dalos.  And if you think that pregnancy is cumbersome, wait till you become a Mom.  I wasn’t wrong when I anticipated that it will change my life 180 degrees!  Swerte pa nga ako ‘coz I have an easy baby…paano na lang yung may colicky babies?


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