When Fetus Ladaga Became Infant Ladaga Part 1

 December 24, 2010

Randy and I walked our dogs (2 mini poodles and 1 dobermann) around UP campus at about 7 a.m.  I was feeling very lethargic on this day, not to mention sleepy.  But I thought I was just extra lazy. 

After our dogwalk, we proceeded to South Supermarket to buy ingredients for the Noche Buena handa.  South Supermarket was soooo crowded!  Randy requested to leave me because there was a scheduled Miami Heat game at 11 a.m., and he knew staying at South with me will make him miss the start of the game.  I begrudgingly said, “OK fine!”  He sent over our male helper Buboy to fall in line with me and bring me home.

Upon arriving home, I felt soooo sleepy.  I slept for hours, and woke up when my Tita Cristy came to fetch TJ (brother) and Ruth (sis-in-law) to bring to Tiaong, for their child (Yoona) will be christened the following day (Christmas).  I  told them I’ll just go there on Christmas in time fior Yoona’s christening.

Then we started preparing the Noche Buena.  After afew hours of chopping, mixing, etc.,  I fell asleep again.

At around 9 p.m., the festivities began.  I prepared parlor games for our staff, and it was loads of fun.  I laughed and laughed and laughed all throughout.  After I’d eaten Noche Buena, I wasn’t able to stay long while our staff were videoke-ing.  I just felt too tired to stay.

But barely an hour after I’ve slept, my stomach began to ache. It was painful, but not THAT painful (my stomach flus were even more painful), but it was painful enough that I had trouble sleeping despite my being too lethargic.

December 25

I did not sleep well.  I kept tossing and turning because my stomach/puson was aching…it was like I had a very bad case of dysmenorrhea.  Finally at around 6 a.m. Christmas Day, I woke up and went to the bathroom to pee.  And there I saw blood on my undies.  I smiled, and wished that it was a signal that I was going to give birth any time soon (I was so impatient to give birth already to rid myself of the lingering difficulties of pregnancy such as salivating, difficulty moving, backache, etc.  I kept on reasearching how to pre-empt labor and did “things to” as soon as I reached my 38th week).  I woke Randy up, and told him about the pains and the blood.  He smiled and uttered “Wow magiging nanay ka na!”  He instructed me to contact my OB, Dr. Guada Villanueva.  I had qualms about doing so because it was too early and is Christmas.  But then I still did.  I rang her but as expected, she did not pickup.  So I just tried to sleep again.   But soon afterwards, my stomach would get painful again.  I felt like pooping.  In fact, I forced myself to but nothing came out.

My parents called me up to greet us a merry Christmas, and then I told them I think I’m already having contractions.  Ialso told them that I may not be able to go to Tiaong anymore (for Yoona’s binyag because I had a strong feeling I was about to give birth.  Of course they told me not to go anymore.  So I just ate, and then slept when I felt like sleeping.  Our helpers were excited when I told them that I think I’ll be giving birth any time soon, and as expected they gave me several pieces of advice.

At around 1 p.m. I checked my phone and saw a message from Dr. Villanueva.  I think she told me to call her, so I did ad I told her what I’ve been feeling.  She instructed me to proceed to Los Banos Doctors Hospital (LBDH) ER and get checked by the attending physician.  So I did, but the attending physician was male, and Randy did not want even a male doctor to check my cervix (although he was obviously gay).  The staff respected this and sought an available female doctor.  The female doctor checked my cervix by inserting her long but thankfully slim fingers into my cervix (a painful lesbian experience!) to check how many centimeters has my cervix dilated…1 cm pa lang daw.  Doc Guada talked to me on the phone and asked me if it was alright with me if I go home, since 1 cm pa lang naman.   She instructed me o time the duration of each contraction and how far apart each one is from the other.  ‘Pag 5 mins na lang ang interval, saka pa.  So I said Yes, I don’t mind going back home and wait there.  I didn’t want to go to Asian right away and just tambay there…I was afraid that my unnecessary lingering there would make my hospitalization more expensive (even in pain, the kuripot me still kicked in, hehe).  Although the doctor (the gay doctor) told me  to go na, because he saw I was obviously in pain (I continually winced when the contractions kick in).   But then again deep inside I was thinking, “Kaya ko pa naman, eh pag nagtagal ako sa Asian lalong mas mamahal!”  I even suggested to Randy that we go to Alabang with our packed bags but we go to Alabang Town Center/Festival Mall first and when it’s really time saka na dumirecho sa Asian.  Randy and the doctor were flabbergasted…in labor na nga ako, shopping pa rin ang iniisip ko!  But at that time, I thought  was being practical…I’ll already be in Alabang but the metro of Asian Hospital won’t be running yet; it will only start when I’m but a few hours away from giving birth.  O ‘di ba brilliant?

So I went home and ate again.  But barely an hour after, the contractions’ duration was longer and the intervals between one another were shorter.  I texted Doc Guada again, and she told me to return to LBDH.

To be continued, bukas na ang Part 2 coz I wanna sleep.


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