Happy Birthday Hubby!


Today is my husband’s birthday. I originally planned to make a poem for him, but the plan got lost along the way (no excuses!) Thus, I’m just going to make an impromptu essay about him.

I’ve never said this “out loud” about any of my exes because 1.) I want others to say it for me, and 2.) because I had doubts.  But I am going to say it about my husband because I honestly think that my husband is, HANDSOME.  There I sad it, my husband is handsome!  But that is just icing on the cake. He is so much more. In fact, every time I “stumble upon” (hehe, hindi ako stalker ‘no!) the FB profiles of my exes or former crushes, I utter a prayer of thanks that they were a-holes (or that I was an a-hole then) when we were dating…otherwise I might have ended up with any of them. But thank God I didn’t. Thank God I’m with a man who may not have been ideal in the beginning (because of circumstances brought about by a mistake he made more than a decade ago), but he stuck to his word when he told me to be patient and stick with him because in the near future, “They will envy us.”

Sure, my husband has his negative characteristics…his demeanor is intimidating even when he is trying to be charming; his tone may sound insulting when he is actually trying to give a compliment; he may cause someone’s “expiration” (not death!) when he is trying to be an inspiration. Not many people know this but he is a very kind person. Not many know that because there is a catch: you have to deserve his compassion and generosity. When I say deserve, it means that he saw you working your ass off but lady luck never smiled on you. That’s because is a hardworker and very responsible, thus he’s pissed off at lazy people who spend their nights drinking away and sleeping the whole day, and getting a random girl pregnant. He believes in hardwork and passion more than he believes in sheer intelligence and charm. Some people think he just got lucky with his business, but luck may have only 1% to do with it. Just last summer, he used to wake up before 4 a.m. to work on the classlists, schedules, seat plans and other Brain Train office work. After that he’d drive off to a Brain Train venue and then teach there for six hours. Why won’t he just assign the teaching to others, you ask?  Because other teachers may not have the same passion for the lessons and compassion for the students that he has. Then after teaching, he’d drive home and arrive at around 6 p.m. Upon his arrival, he’d again troubleshoot problems that may have arisen when he was gone.  He’d have dinner at around 8 p.m. and sleep at 10 p.m.  So please, if he’s going to be your boss and you think of the job as something to do just for fun, apply elsewhere.  If you’re going to ask his help because you got into trouble because you were consciously irresponsible, you sure won’t get any from him.  And it is because of these ideals he has that I respect him.  He may not think that I do (because I often challenge practically everything he says just because I’m a closet debater), but I really do.  Everything he says always makes sense especially when I’m no longer annoyed at him.  And then I’d realize just how blessed I am to have a smart, responsible man in my life.

But one of the reasons why I look at him tenderly at night when he is sleeping even though his mouth is slightly open is because I remember how he puts my comfort first in almost everything. Despite the fact that he still hasn’t bought me a Marc Jacobs Stam bag or a classic Chanel flap bag (wink, wink), or that the rock on my engagement ring is less than 0.5 carat (another wink, wink), he showed me his love and care in a lot of ways.  He was and still is my chauffeur, spokesperson, and number 1 fan.  He thinks that my humongous thighs are very attractive, and the scars on my knees are cute.  I also remember how he took the chance at wading through the waist-high floods in Pansol brought by the typhoon Milenyo just to try to look for me.  It was so sweet–I was on a bus, with a low-batt cellphone and stuck in traffic when he knocked on the bus window and told me to come down.  It was like I was dreaming when I saw him coming to rescue me.  He parked his car just before the waist-high flood, and we waded through the murky water hand-in-hand until we got to his car. It is one of my fondest memories of us. Perhaps rivaled only by the days when he was wooing me. You won’t believe how corny he was just to show me his affections. And when the “honeymoon stage” of our being a couple ended, he was soooo patient with me and my childish antics and attitude. I remember him berating me for getting drunk, and how he was the one who got worried when he learned I was skipping my Math 14 classes. He was just so wonderful to me, I can’t even make this essay coherent.

Now that we have a baby, he is showing me that aside from being a responsible business owner, caring teacher, and wonderful husband, he is also a loving father. A very loving father.

Some people may not agree with me, for they deem Randy differently. If you’re that “some people”, unlucky you; for those who know the other side of Responsible Randy, who is Remarkable Randy, I’m sure you know how lucky we are. Babe, if I hadn’t married you, I’d be very envious of the woman who did.

Happy birthday!!!


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