Brave Baby Boy


Raviv had a fever on Wednesday afternoon, hours after his third PCV shot. We took it in stride, thinking that the fever was because of the shot. But it went on until nighttime until the following day. We of course got worried, especially with the daily “Dalawang bata nanaman ang namatay sa dengue ngayon”.  For several weeks now, that kind of news signals that TV Patrol is about to start. It also jumpstarts my fears for my baby. Add to that the fact that two of our household help had dengue simultaneously. And so on Raviv’s 2nd day of fever, had went to the hospital lab to get a complete blood count with platelet. At the hospital:

Randy: Masakit ba yan? Masasaktan kaya si baby?
Male Med Tech Who Will Extract Raviv’s Blood: Ay opo, masakit ito. Naku magagalit ka sa akin after nito baby.
Other Med Techs: Ay oo, naku iiyak yan.
Randy (wincing): Naku, kawawa naman. Ayokong tingnan, maaawa ako.

I said nothing, and even watched as the med tech pricked him. I waited for him to cry, but my niño did not. Even when the med tech was squeezing his finger to collect more blood, he did not cry. At worst, Randy said he just frowned. We can’t help but be proud of him at that moment!

On Saturday, his pedia instructed us to have another blood test done on him. Since hubby and I had classes, we had my brother and Krabito’s (my newest nickname for my son) yaya take him to the hospital lab.  When I got home that night, I asked Krabito’s nanny what happened.

Yaya Isay, with a smile: Wow hindi umiyak si baby kanina! Ang galing! Kami pa ni Tj (my brother) ang natatakot at ayaw tumingin. Pero so Biboy (Randy’s nickname for Raviv) hindi umiyak! Tapos yung sumunod sa kanya na mas matanda sa kanya na baby rin grabeng lakas ng iyak! (Yaya Isay’s voice cracking with pride).

A few years back, I would have raised an eyebrow on reading a blog entry like the one I’ve just written. Because really, what was so special about a baby not crying? But motherhood has really changed me. I always feel like telling sons and daughters to always obey their parents because trust me, they always have the best intentions. If only I could, I’d let boys and girls and even young ladies and gentlemen open up my heart just so they’d understand what a parent’s heart is made of and how it works. Then I’m sure they’ll never hurt their parents’ feelings. Ü


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