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Random Thoughts 2


This may have been said before, but these words are mine (or I might have heard of it unconsciously or subconsciously before):  It is ironic that people who think they are blameless are the most sinful ones, and are those who will never be blameless.  Once you admit you may have a hand at a mistake (yes, may mali rin sila but you admit that it takes two to tango), you start your journey toward being blameless. Read the rest of this entry


5 Very Simple Yet Very Common Grammatical Mistakes of Filipinos Part 1


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When Fetus Ladaga Became Infant Ladaga Part 3


continued from When Fetus Ladaga Became Infant Ladaga Part 2 (which is a continuation of When Fetus Ladaga Became Infant Ladaga Part 1)

….By the way, I was able to look at the clock when the baby was born, and even uttered, “12:10 am lumabas si baby.”

I was eagerly awaiting to see my baby, but I admit not as much as I thought I would.  I was happy to hear his deep, loud cry, because I read that such cry is excellent and would increase his APGAR score.  While some nurses/midwives were cleaning up my baby, some were also cleaning me up.  I could feel the filth of my va-jayjay, because when baby came out it’s like a year’s worth of clotted menstruation came out of me too.   When I (va-jayjay) was clean and sewed up, I was moved to another clean bed (bless you Asian Hospital!), and then the baby was presented to me.  While the nurse (? or was it the doctor?) was walking towards me with my baby wrapped in a blanket, my thoughts were running…I remember people telling me that upon laying their eyes on their newborn, they felt that every pain and every sacrifice were worth the tiny baby they see…as Alona (our helper) said:  Nawala lahat ng pagod at hirap ko.  So I was expecting this magical thing to happen, Read the rest of this entry

Passion for Work


Sometimes people (this used to include me) don’t get it why their colleagues get the raises and the promotions instead of them.  They argue that they work as hard or are even more disciplined.  But now I get it.  It’s because the people who get raises and promotions have passion.  You know it when your colleague has it, but you usually shrug it off.  Now that I’m an employer, I can say that bosses also sense it easily.  And they appreciate it more than your perfect attendance.  We sense when employees are simply dragging themselves to work, doing things like robots and mind dreaming that it is already time to go.  We sense it when they have this “I-am-destined-for-greater-things” and “I-am-just-waiting-for-that-call-from-this-company-wherein-I-am-really-suited” attitude.  And you know what, we respond with “Just-please-go-because-if-you’re-like-that-we don’t-need-you-here-as-well” or “If-you’re-too-good-for-this-why-are-you-still-here?” thoughts.  So even if the boss isn’t saying anything, an I’m-too-good-for-this-job employee tells colleagues, “I sense it, our boss doesn’t like me.” Read the rest of this entry

Random Thoughts


When it comes to doing things for God, smart people like to play dumb. Discipleship, for example: some say they don’t need to do it because it’s not part of the 10 Commandments. But common sense dictates that when you love and live God, you would do it! in the same that when you are passionate about children’s rights, global warming, etc. you share it to practically everyone because talking about it makes you feel good. Don’t play dumb…mamaya maging dumb ka talaga. Or maybe, you don’t really love God. Deep inside you know you don’t and you just pray to Him so as to not receive His wrath (in case He is real…but you refuse to even entertain this thought, right? For fear that He is real nga). I’m not being ‘holier than thou’ here. I know these things (been there, done that). What to do then? Get to know God and make Him real in your life. Don’t pray to Him just for the sake of praying and because you fear Him (in case He is real…buti na ang maniguro). Think of Him as your loving Father who does everything for you, and is eager to communicate with you at the end of the day. And yes, it hurts big time when you ‘postpone’ your appointment with Him, or when you pray like a robot. Or when you just talk and don’t let Him talk to you (thus, read your Bible. Trust me, He will talk to you there). Read the rest of this entry