Random Thoughts


When it comes to doing things for God, smart people like to play dumb. Discipleship, for example: some say they don’t need to do it because it’s not part of the 10 Commandments. But common sense dictates that when you love and live God, you would do it! in the same that when you are passionate about children’s rights, global warming, etc. you share it to practically everyone because talking about it makes you feel good. Don’t play dumb…mamaya maging dumb ka talaga. Or maybe, you don’t really love God. Deep inside you know you don’t and you just pray to Him so as to not receive His wrath (in case He is real…but you refuse to even entertain this thought, right? For fear that He is real nga). I’m not being ‘holier than thou’ here. I know these things (been there, done that). What to do then? Get to know God and make Him real in your life. Don’t pray to Him just for the sake of praying and because you fear Him (in case He is real…buti na ang maniguro). Think of Him as your loving Father who does everything for you, and is eager to communicate with you at the end of the day. And yes, it hurts big time when you ‘postpone’ your appointment with Him, or when you pray like a robot. Or when you just talk and don’t let Him talk to you (thus, read your Bible. Trust me, He will talk to you there).


Perfumes are supposed to gravitate people towards us, right? But sometimes they even repel people. Sometimes they could be worse than halitosis, really. At least when you keep your mouth shut, you can keep your halitosis at bay. But perfumes that are masangsang-to-begin-with and perfumes you use that are not compatible with your body chemistry can repel a person meters away.



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