Random Thoughts 2


This may have been said before, but these words are mine (or I might have heard of it unconsciously or subconsciously before):  It is ironic that people who think they are blameless are the most sinful ones, and are those who will never be blameless.  Once you admit you may have a hand at a mistake (yes, may mali rin sila but you admit that it takes two to tango), you start your journey toward being blameless.

This may sound arrogant: It is useless to argue with people who you know are a lot less intelligent/smart than you are, especially when they’re fuming.  Whatever you say,  they won’t get it and you’d just be exasperated as you try and try to explain.  In the end, they’d think that their arguments made sense while yours never did.  So ‘wag mo na lang patulan.  As Melanie Marquez once put it:  “I won’t stoop down to my level!”  Haha.

These days, the ukays of Baguio are overrated!  The clothes are expensive (although they say that those that are nakabulagta on the road are dirt cheap…too bad I wasn’t able to “swim” through such, as it was raining cats and dogs when we went there last week) and the bags there are FAKE!  The sellers will swear that the designer bags they’re selling are authentic (“original”, as they put it) but believe me they are not!  Hello, looks-like-new Chanel 2.55 at P10,000?  Too cheap for authentic yet too expensive for a knockoff!  “Slightly used” Balenciaga City for P5,00 (which eventually became: “Sige Ate, P3,000 na lang para sa ‘yo)?  I admit I was tempted because they looked authentic.  I thought to myself that if I were to carry that knockoff as I alight from our new car, no one would dare question my bag’s authenticity.  But hell no, I can’t fathom it.


Speaking of Baguio City, there’s restaurant I highly recommend: O Mai Khan!  It serves yummy Chinese cuisine at an incredibly low price!  When our order arrived, we were shocked at the huge portions…Hubby was about to berate the waitress for bringing us the large portions (he said: “Naku, I should have said na yung small lang per order!  Akala ko common sense na yun na small lang kasi 4 lang tayo eh 5 ang order ko.”)  Despite thinking that the meal we are partaking will cost an arm and a leg, we were thinking that it still could be worth it:  nice ambiance, clean restrooms (on top of my list) and delicious food.  We enjoyed our meal.  Then I motioned “billout” while Hubby was out because a car in front of ours was to go out.  I was bracing myself for the cost, and was so surprised.  When Hubby returned, this was how our conversation went.

To appreciate its portions, compare the crispy pata plate to the plate we actually eat from, plus the fact that andami nang nabawas sa ulam. And don't forget to look beyond the Coke bottles

Moi: Hulaan mo magkano bill ng food natin.

Hubby: P2,500?

Moi:  Hindi.

Hubby: P3,000?

Moi: Hindi pa rin.

Hubby (eyes getting bigger):  Sh*t, P4,000?!?

Moi: Hindi.

Hubby: P5,000?!?!?

Moi: Hindi pa rin, ito ang bill o…

Hubby (eyes getting bigger, smile tugging at his lips): Grabe P1,291 lang?!?  Andami nun mukha pang sosyal iyo!  Grabe, may take out pa tayong pam-breakfast at lunch!

We were able to eat at crappy restaurants recommended by our map (binayaran siguro!).  We can’t stop thinking of O Mai Khan!  Until yesterday, we both expressed how much we regret trying the other restaus…we should have just returned to O Mai Khan!


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