How Nescafe Sweet ‘N Mild Perks Me Up and Keeps Me Awake


GOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOOOORNIIIIIIIIING SA INYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! By now, I’m sure this line has become notorious to you:  this signals the Nescafe Sweet ‘n Mild commercial.  My friend Light Manuel told me she hates this commercial so much, but I love it–it perks me up.  Why?  Because my son loves it so much.

Raviv’s Yaya Isay told me that this Nescafe commercial is my son’s fave, along with two Colgate commercials (“Brush brush three times a day” and “Parang tiger…rawr!”).  She said that my niece Yoona also loves this commercial.  Every time this commercial is shown on TV, my son would stop whatever he’s doing and would stare into the TV and smile his cute smile.

This is how Raviv smiles as he watches the Nescafe Sweet 'n Mild commercial.

Some Sundays ago, when I was in the toddler area of our church, the music ministry was was gushing over how charming my son is ( I couldn’t agree more!).  Not to be talbog-ed, a mom/older sister/tita of a three-year old also made pakitang gilas (fart, I’m doing what I hate to do:  pasosyal Taglish!).  In fairness, this baby girl is pretty and did not disappoint when her older sister/tita/mom asked her to do things to impress Raviv’s fans.  One of the things the older sister/tita/mom did was sing the Sweet ‘n Mild jingle.  I and the other moms reacted that our babies also love this commercial!  It’s just so ironic that its target audience (yuppies and older generation) apparently are irritated with it, but the babies (who are not supposed to drink it) love it!

My son just loves it so much that last week, when he was almost asleep, the commercial aired…lo and behold: he was wide awake again and grinning!  The next night at around 10 p.m. he was fast asleep, until the commercial aired!  Lo and behold again, he woke up at it took me a long time to put him to sleep again!  Me thinks [to my students:  I know wrong grammar yung “Me thinks”, type ko lang gamitin ‘yung expression] that this Nescafe Sweet N Mild variant is really effective in keeping people up…commercial pa lang gising na ang mga baby.  And, FULLY AWAKE BABY = FULLY AWAKE PARENTS.

I therefore conclude that indeed, Nescafe Sweet N’ Mild keeps parents awake.


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  1. Hi Dewmaine, hit talaga sa babies yung Nescafe song and the “brush-brush-brush”. Lia’s favorite wake up song is the Nescafe one as well 🙂

    • Hi Mars! Oo nga eh, haha!
      Huuuuuy Mars!!!!!! Right now pina-panic attack ako–I realized more than a month to go na lang ako before my boy’s first birthday! Namumrublema ako sa decor at entertainment! Supposedly may kausap na ako kaso ang labo nilang kausap eh based on experience ‘pag umpisa pa lang malabo na, palpak yan usually! Huhuhu. May idea ka ba how much ang party host/magician? Wala talaga akong matanungan, hindi ko malaman kung worth it yung mga kukunin ko. HELP!!!

      • Wait, sa Mindanao ang venue mo diba? I don’t know what’s the going rate there. Pero based sa nakausap ko here, parang 10K up yata. That’s for host/magician with balloon twisting na ata. My contact is Jhoanne of Polkadots (got her details from Fleur). Here’s her number: 09175835546

  2. I’m amused – at everything you wrote :)) I have forgotten how small children are mesmerized by things on tv. Probably because I haven’t been around one for soooo long. Si Pons na lang ang batang naeencounter ko from time to time (like once a month, hehe).

    I like the tv ad, because the girl is so perky and has a waistline. I wonder what Raviv loves in the commercial :))

    • Hi Ate Jean! I think babies just really love happy songs 🙂 Yes, the girl is perky. She reminds me of a character from 100 Days to Heaven (yung sister nina Bobby and Bart, forgot her name). And yes, the waistline…mala-Blair Waldorf ang porma niya.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blogs.

      • Si Yani.. Yung mababaril today in the wake of Miranda’s escape, hehe 🙂 (or imbento ko lang kasi malabo ang mata ko). I read all your blogs here. Kaya lang hindi pa ako registered dati.

        Keep writing!

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