Father and Son Morning Ritual


It’s only a month away from my little tyke’s first birthday, and I still have plenty to do (both for his birthday and for work). But I’d like to forget that for a while, as that will just make me hyperventilate.  Instead, lemme relate Randy and Raviv’s beautiful morning ritual, something I hope would go on for a long time.

You see, Randy is an early riser–something that my son apparently got from him, among other things.  When he was still almost a newborn, it is I who wake up every two hours in the wee hours to attend to his needs (mostly his hunger).  Thus, I have an excuse to wake up later than my should-be waking time (Randy compelled me to have woken up by 7 am).  So between 5am and 8am, I’m free of any Raviv responsibility.  When Raviv wakes up around this timeframe, his Tatay Randy gets him.  At this time, Tatay Randy drinks his coffee and watches TV (para sulit yung upgrade niya sa Cignal) without feeling guilty (that he is watching TV instead of working).  Moreover, Raviv’s nanny can do other chores as well ‘di ba?  And so the ritual began that when Raviv wakes up, his Tatay will come and get him.  This ritual used to be interrupted last summer due to our super-duper hectic sched, and because there were times when Tatay had to spend the night elsewhere.  When this happened, I video called Randy so he could see Raviv in the morning and vice-versa.  One BRAIN TRAIN teacher saw Randy talking to Raviv over the phone and laughed when she saw her Sir Randy acting crazily as he was talking to Raviv on the phone.

After summer, when Raviv wakes up and Randy is already in his office (just at the 2nd floor of our building), I ring his phone and he immediately goes to our bedroom to get Raviv.  And for several months now, Randy would work just outside our bedroom and wait for my morning “Tataaaaay!” yell, which signals that his little boy is already up and waiting for him.  I believe Randy cherishes this, as Raviv is such a joy when he wakes up in the morning…even groggy from sleep, Raviv is very generous of his charming smile when he sees me open my eyes.  These past few months, I realized how my son also looks forward to the arrival of his Tatay from outside our room in the morning.  Raviv would wake me up, then would smile at me when I do, and then I’d start yelling “Tataaaaay!”  Once I start shouting, he would sit up straight, keep still, and stare at the door.  And, when he hears footsteps and the noise from a turning doorknob, he’d look even more alert and sit straighter (I know, I know–wrong grammar ‘yung ‘straighter’, kasi dapat ‘more nearly straight’). ..and when he sees his Tatay saying either “Biiiibooooy (that’s how he calls Raviv)” enthusiastically or “Hello there” the way Baby James said it in the Nido commercial, he would smile ever so broadly and lift his arms to each for his Tatay.  Last week when Randy was in his office and I started yelling “Tataaaaay”, Raviv’s yaya came into our room instead.  Before Raviv saw whose footsteps those were and who was turning the doorknob, he looked alert again.  But upon seeing that it wasn’t his Tatay, he did not smile.  Good thing Tatay hurried up and entered our room just a few seconds after yaya did (Tatay said he looks forward to their daily morning ritual and doesn’t want yaya to break it, thus hurried going up…I wonder how he knew Raviv was already up)! And upon seeing his Tatay, he beamed and squealed with delight.  It was then that I realized that he really loves his Tatay.  Well that makes two of üs, Raviv.

Father and Son Outdoor Breakfast

Raviv, there will come a time when you might hate your Tatay.  When that happens, I hope you read this.  Raviv, know that Tatay is such a hard worker who doesn’t like being disturbed…but just one ‘Tataaaaay’ or ring from me and he comes running just to greet you in the morning.  That’s just one sign of how much your Tatay puts you on the pedestal.  Never think for one minute that he wishes your downfall, humiliation or displeasure, because as I have just said, he is willing to drop anything he is doing just to see you smile.


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  2. Very nice and cute… I can relate because I’m also a daddy. The last paragraph is very heartwarming, though I prevented myself from crying. 🙂

    • Hi alex! I’m sure you are also a very hands-on, loving father. I’m so glad you are not the least shy in showing how emotional you are about being a dad. Hats off to you!

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