Strike 2 Na! Promise, we’ll listen to you Doc!


In one of our regular check-ups, our pedia has warned us about using a walker…she said that walkers have been in fact banned in the US because of the number of accidents it causes.

We have a walker–a hand-me-down walker, that is.  It was borrowed from a second cousin when my niece came for a visit years ago.  Since my Tita has been ligated, she told us not to return the walker anymore.  And so it’s just sitting in our bodega, until Raviv came along.

Before Raviv even learned to crawl, I put in him in the walker and my oh my, he absolutely loved it!  It was like he was saying, “O ano, gusto mo puntahan kita?  OK!”  When I told our pedia about it, she said to cease until the time Raviv can stand up on his own as this practice might cause damage to his developing bones.   She warned us about the dangers of walkers again, but we insisted our Raviv loves it so.  She just reluctantly told us to proceed with caution.  And so when Raviv was able to stand on his own, we put him in his walker.

Monday morning last week, Raviv was out and in his walker.  Since we are currently understaffed, I helped his yaya.  While his yaya was preparing his food, it was I who watched him as he walked with the aid of his walker.  He was really malikot.  His Tatay was in his new office at the second floor, just almost adjacent our garage.  Tatay peeks us every once in a while.  Now, ideally, Raviv is to use his walker either on the lawn or on the basketball floor because the cement is relatively smooth.  But he had a penchant for going near our cars and touching them, and the surface leading to the garage was really rough, with decorative rocks protruding from the cement.  I could see he was having difficulty going there, but I led him on, closely watching him.  Then, he was touching the cars.  I let him do it, as he nor his walker can do no damage to the cars.

Surface leading to the garage

As he was touching the cars, I saw his Tatay out of the corner of my eye coming out of the office, and then I turned to look at him.  Within that split second, I heard a not-so-loud crash and saw my son upside down with his body still in the upside-down walker.  He wasn’t crying, and I picked him up instantly.  And then he cried.

The Crime Scene: Imagine Raviv in the walker in that position 😦

Half of his face was covered with dirt, and I saw blood trickle from his forehead.  I panicked and brought him to his Tatay, who also panicked.  We put first aid to his wound and cleaned his face.  Good thing the wounds were shallow!  But every time I look at him, I feel so freakin’ guilty.  Randy no longer berated me, as I think he knows how sorry I was.

When Randy and I were talking, we both agreed that for the second time, Dr. de Jesus (pedia) was right again (the first was her insistence to screen everyone for tubercolosis).

Other parents, learn from the not-that-tragic tragedy that befell me and my son.  Walkers ARE dangerous!  If you can’t promise to focus 100% on your baby and be faster than a speeding bullet when baby is in the walker, do not use a walker anymore.


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