Surrendering to TV


I’ve always told myself that I’d try to delay Raviv from getting addicted to television–I want him to read books and engage in physical activities instead.  But just last week, I put him in his playpen and almost forced him to watch whatever was on Disney Junior.  Yes, the mom who kept telling her son’s yayas not to make Raviv watch TV was almost shoving the TV to Raviv’s face…twice now.  So bite me!

I know, I know it was so wrong of me to do that!  But last Sunday, I was tired from teaching four hours straight.  And since we were understaffed, I had to help Yaya Isay with Raviv.  Yaya Isay is to help Alona and Peter (our other two helps) with some household chores;  Tatay Randy still had classes…and so I had to get Raviv. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep or at least lie down, but Raviv had other plans.  And so I almost forced him to just watch TV, which he didn’t like, as he preferred to crawl nonstop (in fairness to me, I let him crawl for some time naman).

Question other mommies:  When did your children start to get addicted to the boob tube?  Is it inevitable that get addicted to it?  I feel terrible that I did it, but I admit it was practical.


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  1. I’ve done the same thing; especially when I need to get something done. I swore I would never just sit my son down in front of the tv, and then I did. Oh well. He’s only 10 months old, so he doesn’t pay attention for too long, but I have noticed that if we’re eating dinner and it’s playing in the background, he can’t keep his eyes off it.

    I think the tv isn’t so bad if it’s in moderation. A hour or so isn’t going to permanently scar them. 🙂

    • Hi Corinne, thank you for dropping by and checking out my blog. Thank you more for making me a little less guilty about my not-so-secret desire to want my baby to want to watch TV.

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