Grab My Bag: Selling my leather Coach Legacy Lily


Speaking of bags (I’ve just posted an entry about my restored Chanel bag), I’ve recently kalkal-ed my bag shelves and saw my almost unused leather Coach Legacy Lily bag.  It is such a pity that this has almost never seen the light of day.

It looks really gorgeous, but I’ve decided to sell it to have a pandagdag to my money to buy a new bag.   You see, I now need bigger bags to have room for my son’s paraphernalia (thinking of buying a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM which I can use as a diaper bag).  And in addition to that…well…I also wanna buy a Balenciaga motorcycle bag, ssshh!!!.

Anyway, I’m selling this bag for a song!  Check out its description and brand new price from this website which I copied:

See the price?  It costs $1,198 or approximately P55,000 (Php-US$ exchange rate I used is P46:$1).  Now, I’m selling my fantabulous bag for only P20,000.  On Ebay, I saw a US-based seller selling a similar bag for $799, or P36,794 using the same exchange rate.  The description even says that the owner used her Lily Legacy bag everyday, whereas I’ve used mine less than 10x.

The Legacy line is the highest end line of the Coach (I stand corrected if there have been changes) bags.  In fact, even the ever stylish and uber rich character of Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl used Coach Legacy bag…the brand new price of the model of bags that Serena used are even cheaper  than the brand new price  of the model of bag that I’m offering

Serena’s bag is $768, while the Legacy Lily that I’m selling is originally $1,198.  This indeed is a steal!  My Legacy Lily looks brand new–no scratches, no discoloration, no pen marks—looks and smells new.  And I personally guarantee its authenticity.  I do NOT use fake bags…well there were times I got tempted but I really cannot stomach using fake bags.  If you prove that the Coach Legacy Lily I’m selling is fake, I’m willing to give you your money back.

This is really a steal! In fact, as I am posting this, I’m having second thoughts as to whether to sell it or not.  So if you fancy it, I suggest you buy it right away as I might change my mind.

By the way, these are my terms:

Price:  P20,000 or best offer + P200 for shipping and handling for Philippine buyers

Inclusions:  Bag with dustbag

Exchange Policy:  No return, no exchange UNLESS proven fake

Mode of Payment: deposit payment through BPI, then deposit slip must be faxed or emailed to me (you may just take a picture of it then send it to me)

Grab this offer now and be in league (at least with the bag, hehe) with Serena,  Anne Hathaway, and Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn and Anne Hathaway's Coach Lily Bags

By the way, CLICK THIS for the actual photos of my Coach Legacy Lily…I used  a point and shoot camera in taking those photos and I decided to borrow my husband’s SLR and somehow experimented with its settings to give better pictures but I still did no styling to the bag.  I also retained the uploaded photos by  the point-and-shoot camera photos (these photos may not have done justice to the bag).

The bag she is selling is the same as mine, and she described the bag really well and she was also able to take really good photos 🙂


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