Nov. 29, 2011: Raviv’s Milestone Day


Today wasn’t supposed to be eventful, as just thinking about yesterday’s events already makes my head spin [yesterday, Monday, Randy and I claimed our Metrodeals Teeth Whitening coupon at DentaCare on Timog, Quezon City (I’ll make a separate blog about this) then had a meeting with the owners of New England College on Quezon Avenue (this is a new BRAIN TRAIN venue!) then proceeded to the Abba’s Orchard School on Katipunan (to drop off BRAIN TRAIN Reg Forms, as we will still conduct a review here), and to Tiendesitas (to have our super duper late lunch)…all throughout, we were met by heavy traffic]!  Upon getting home, we were both doggone tired.   So tired that Randy woke up quite late today (almost 6 am).  Just after a few minutes after Randy had woken up, my little boy also woke up.  I tried patting him on his butt to get him to sleep again (so I can sleep more), but he was already up and about.  He was a good boy as he remained lying on bed, but he kept on babbling and babbling.  His babbles are music to my ears, and so I gladly woke up and imitated his babbling.  Then I called his Tatay for their Father and Son Morning Ritual.  Of course, Raviv acted excitedly especially when he saw his Tatay.  When Randy was already carrying him, Raviv said “Tatay” clearly for the first time!  Well, he used to utter Tata, tata and something similar unclearly, but this is the first time he said it very clearly!  We were both happy.

Before lunch, a family friend texted me, saying he was able gather his Class A children’s party entertainer contacts for Raviv’s party!  He said he was able to  get Class A bubble show performers, Class A party host and face painter and Class B magician for Raviv’s birthday for a fraction of the cost quoted to me by Raviv’s birthday’s-supposed-entertainment group (price difference of P7,500).  Whew, this is Raviv-related blessing 2 for the day!

After lunch, I went to Pila attend some business.  When I arrived home, I saw my restored Chanel bag from Vintage Restore, and I was so satisfied with what they did.  Well, this is not Raviv-related but for me, this is blessing #3:  getting my old bag back looking brand new!

Also, Raviv’s Yaya Isay proudly told me that Raviv has been walking around 7 steps in his room (he has been taking only 2-4 footsteps the past week, but not in the presence of Randy and me–it’s always around other people)!  Blessing #4 of the day this is!

Tonight, after we had dinner, Yaya Isay made Raviv walk in front of me!  It was quite a distance and I couldn’t help myself from clapping as my little boy did it! I kissed and kissed him too!  Raviv also showed me he could stand and balance his heavy, chubby body for a long time now.  The sight of my boy on his toes is my Bleassing #5.

Just an hour ago, a former Brain Train teacher caught me online on Facebook.  Among the things he said, these lines touched me the most:

– nakakamiss si raviv (trans: I miss Raviv)

– ang cute kasi. (trans: Because he is cute)

– desktop background ko yung picture niya (trans: The wallpaper of my computer is his picture)

To know that other people love or at least adore my little boy so much is another blessing–Blessing #6!


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