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Just a Week to Go Before Raviv’s 1st Birthday!


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How Much Is Your Budget?


Nanay Dew (holding a picture of something she likes to order):  Can you quote me a price for this?

Supplier:  Ah…magkano po ba ang budget ninyo?


Nanay Dew:  Nagka-canvass kasi ako magkano ang rates ng mga *********.  Magkano yung rates ninyo?

Supplier:  Depende po Ma’am.  Magkano po ba ang budget ninyo?
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26 Days To Go Before The Big Day (no, not Christmas!) of my Little Boy


OK Nanay Dew, breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out. I still am hyperventilating!  I only have 26 days left to go before my son’s 1st birthday party, and so many still need get ironed out! First, there’s the event styling.  If only I were in Mindanao (where his party will be held), I assure you that I would have already bought every little  styling paraphernalia.  Why can’t I buy it here then?  OK, so will I buy the bamboo sticks here and fly it to Mindanao?  Will I buy giant plants here?  What about the flowers and leaves, huh huh huh huh?!?!?  OK, I’m sorry I didn’t mean for you to the receiving end of my nervousness.  Sigh.  Another thing, I don’t even know the size of their tables nor the available colors and materials of available fabric there!  Fart fart fart fart fart!!!  I thought writing about it would calm me down but NO NO NO NO NO NO!  I just realize how “uncontrollable” it is.  And I am such a control freak about the things I’m passionate about.  Hay, me thinks I’ll have outbursts there and will have fights with my parents (“Sabi mo Mom meron naaaa?”  “Dad bakit kasi hindi mo pa inasikasoooo?”) and hubby (“Ikaw nga muna kay Raviv ang dami ko pang ginagawa!”) Sh*t, I realize that we won’t be bringing any yaya with us there pa (you see how nervous I am?  I don’t even bother editing the pa-conyo expressions)!  Hay, Randy has this thing about not bringing a nanny when we’re going out, ewan ko ba!  Time daw namin to bond with baby yun.  Sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t!  To think we’ll arrive in Davao on the 20th at noon, and we’ll probably be in Kabacan on the 22nd…just three days!!!  Oh nooooo!  I don’t understand how Randy can want to relax in Davao (I hope he doesn’t read this–he’ll just tell me, “Children’s party lang naman yun!  Minsan na nga lang tayo mamasyal mag-anak tapos hindi pa tayo papasyal sa Davao?”  Babe, in case you read this, no need to tell me what I already know you’ll say, OK?  Isa lang ang sagot ko:  I want Raviv’s party to be a blast, that’s why I’m a nervous wreck!  Bag at birthday party lang ng anak natin ang luho ko so please, pagbigyan mo na.  Ok na?) I guess one thing that makes me just so freakin’ nervous is because I saw Bambi Hernandez’s blog…love at first ako sa event styling niya!  If only the party were in Los Banos, I swear I’ll get her to style!  Her styling is a blast, and perhaps 50% of her blog views were by me.  The minute I saw her events, naluma lahat ng ibang children’s parties na previously ginagawa kong pattern.  Lahat ng ibang parties na puro balloons ang decor naging baduy na sa paningin ko.  Eh what can I do, the party will be in Mindanao?  I also wanted to attend her workshop but it’s so far from Los Banos!  Sayang talaga!  Here are some of Bambi’s creations, drool with me people: Read the rest of this entry