How Much Is Your Budget?


Nanay Dew (holding a picture of something she likes to order):  Can you quote me a price for this?

Supplier:  Ah…magkano po ba ang budget ninyo?


Nanay Dew:  Nagka-canvass kasi ako magkano ang rates ng mga *********.  Magkano yung rates ninyo?

Supplier:  Depende po Ma’am.  Magkano po ba ang budget ninyo?

I so hate this “answer” to my question by suppliers!  I think this is so stupid.  I mean, why do they even have to ask?  Can’t they just give their price list and let me decide whether I can/want to afford their products/services?  I have encountered this question several times–first on my wedding preparations, and then these days for Raviv’s birthday.  This is despite the fact that I tell them I haven’t had any experience with wedding gowns, clowns/magicians, etc.  But they still ask me!  This question always dumbfounds me…I’m afraid that I would either sound too kuripot with the budget I would give, or that the seller would be doing somersaults in his mind if I give a too generous budget.  Kahit pa sabihin nilang they’ll try to fit their menu or whatever to meet the client’s budget, chances are that they still may not meet a client’s budget (or if they try the service/product would be too shortchanged)!   Honestly, I’m always tempted to say, “Piso!”  when asked this stupid question (The “Magkano po ang budget ninyo” question, that is).  Because most of the time, I absolutely have no idea how difficult to create or how galing your services or products are!  If this isn’t the case, I am inquiring because I am looking for the best deal (a.k.a. nagka-canvas)!
What’s even more exasperating is that after I stutter and name my budget, suppliers/merchants would sometimes either scratch their heads and utter, “Ay hindi kaya Mam kasi biruin ninyo ito pa yung gagastusin namin para blah blah blah” or scowl and then smile condescendingly and say sweetly kuno, “Oh, I’m sorry Mam blah blah blah”.  Diba?  I really don’t get this question!  Ako I always grope for words when asked this question…ang labo eh!  Why don’t they just shove their various price lists under my nose and lemme haggle if I find their price too steep for me?  Hay!  Or is this their way of knowing whether to entertain or dismiss the client?

If you’re a merchant/service provider, please avoid asking this question to possible clients, as it would just put them in an awkward situation.  And really, it kinda makes you seem desperate for a client (not compassionate).  When you adjust your price to meet a client’s budget but then the service would just become super panget, ‘wag na langMagagalit pa sa iyo ang client, and I as a client won’t excuse your poor services/performance simply because you were so “kind” as to “adjust” just to meet my budget.

If you’re a merchant/service provider who does this and believes that you have a good reason (that I overlooked) for asking this question, please tell me so I’ll understand.


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