Grrrr Globe!


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Grrrr Globe!


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  1. I also has went through the same the first time I got my Galaxy Nexus S. I thought I was connected to our Wifi yun pala inuubos na load ko. Hubby had to research how to turn it off. And you know what’s the worst of it all? When I tried to enable everything back just so I could avail of their all day net promo (because we were at the hospital at that time), it didn’t work.

    • What did the customer service tell you? Yesterday, my husband was so angry because they insisted that it was valid! Hindi siya pumayag, and demanded that his prepaid be returned to him.

  2. I was only able to reimburse the 50Php for the 3day internet promo. Yung nabawas sa prepaid ko binaon ko nlng sa limot. Nakakastress ang customer service nila. It took me 3days before i got the 50Php back.

  3. Dew, do you know, pag nag-surf ka sa m.globe, may mag-aapear na notification that says “Pay nothing for data on Globe.” Alam mo, they charged me P2500 for internet access I thought I’d pay nothing for dahil Globe subscriber ako. And all the while, they mean within the Globe network. Kainis talaga. Buti na lang they worked on the refund dahil kahit umabot kami sa korte, hindi ako magbabayad ng P2500 sa misleading nila na ad. Bwisit.

    I even asked them to tell their marketing team that they should edit that kasi sa Sun, may 0.facebook which allows you to use fb free of charge. So people might think that they have the same offer. Kainis ‘yan. Sabi nila, “Ma’am, it’s a valid charge.” I just put my foot down and said, “Where’s the logic for me to be paying for that for periodic use eh if I added P999 to my regular phone bill, I could use it the whole month UNLIMITED?”

  4. At, eto pa pala, for 12 months, I was paying for my bill without knowing na hindi pala nila idinededuct yung rebates ko that was supposedly the reason why I’m staying with them (as a loyalty offer) and it took them 6 more months to rectify. Imagine, 18 months. Then, kaya ko hindi napansin is because ever since I subscribed to their online billing, hindi ko na na-open yung pdf file na pinapadala nila with the instructions they give. When I asked for help, stupid talaga, ki-nopy-paste lang nila yung instructions sa email, eh in the first place, I wouldn’t have needed to call kung gumagana yung instructions nila. WALANG LOGIC. Wala. Ang common sense ay nawawala. At least and SUN, may liwanag. Ang Smart, may Logic. Ang Globe? Ayan, may degeneration.

  5. Ako talaga takot ako sa mga charges na ganyan. So when I got my first Android phone, I automatically googled on how to deactivate the mobile internet. I’m not laughing at you. I’m slightly techie but it still took me some time to figure things out. There’s an android widget that you can use to toggle 3g and wifi on or off. So doon palang I always check if 3g is on or not, pero sa totoo lang it’s not worth the stress of the vigilance. Tapos, may Level 2 defense pa ako — I changed the APN name to It’s easier this way. If I really need to use my Globe mobile internet, I just manually remove the ‘x’ and then turn on 3G.

    About the MMS, to be fair to Globe, ever since nagkaroon ng MMS, ganoon na talaga, you have to call to have it activated. Kahit Sun or Globe (sorry, no experience with Smart). It’s the first thing I do whenever I get a new SIM dati nung kapanauhan pa ng MMS lang ang pinaka high tech na messaging. It takes 24 hours daw. Pag new phone naman, you need to download the MMS settings. And then you have to send an outgoing MMS message to complete the activation. It has been this way since Nokia kopong kopong phones. Dahil wala din akong alam noon, I also learned this the hard way through hours on the phone waiting for a CSR to answer. Fortunately for me, the CSRs of those days were still knowledgeable vs. the CSRs of today.

    But in the end, good thing you’re still on prepaid. Mas nakakatakot yung horror stories ng mga naka postpaid where they get bill shock. At least with prepaid, limited lang ang loss mo to how much your load is. Kaya ako, kahit ilang beses na naengganyo sa mga ads ng Globe mag postpaid, natatauhan ako whenever I read experiences like yours. Prepaid nalang ako forever. No worries, no liabilities, no lock-in period! Pag nainis, lipat agad, or just buy a new SIM.

  6. Hi ma’am, can’t help but say thank you po, nabasa ko kasi ‘yung blog niyo about android phone+globe sim. 🙂 Buti napansin po agad nung kuya ko, then naalala ko yung blog niyo, so naayos po agad namin. Thank you po, and merry Christmas! 🙂

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