ZestAir Zucks!


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ZestAir Zucks!


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  1. I stumbled upon this review about Zest Air…swerte pa pala ako!

    Eden Sy
    I hate hate HATE ZESTAIR and here’s why.

    I made a booking via ZestAir’s website last JUNE 20 for a DAVAO – CEBU – DAVAO flight for 9 passengers departing August 22, 2009. ZestAir’s website is a bit weird. If you enter more than 1 passenger, it will give you a higher class/fare. So I booked us each separately — meaning 9 Record Locators, 9 different transactions, 9 different e-tickets, to avail of the lowest possible fares.

    My credit card statement came, and BEHOLD. I was charged 10 transactions. This is the beginning of my ZESTAIR TORMENT. I called their customer care center and they put me on hold COUNTLESS TIMES, and long enough for the machine to cut me off. Which meant I had to call again LONG DISTANCE, talk to ANOTHER CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE.

    Some time last July, Cebu Pacific had a promo, and 3 of our companions cancelled their bookings with Zest to transfer to CebPac. So now I’m left with 7 charged (and paid for) bookings — with only 6 passengers.

    I still haven’t gotten feedback regarding this. Until last SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 2009 — or so I thought. ZESTAIR called me, but not to inform me that they found the double charge. No. They called me, 14 days from my flight, to inform me that OUR FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED.

    “Sorry Ma’am, all flights are cancelled until October. We can either refund your ticket or rebook your flight to October.” That was all I got.

    I demanded to speak with a supervisor because I would not accept that they simply give me a REFUND for the cancellation. Of course, this is an immense hassle for us. It is NOT my problem that they cancel our flight. It SHOULD NOT be my problem and expense to book another flight.

    ZESTAIR only has one DVO – CEBU – DVO flight daily. So when I spoke with the customer service agent that afternoon, her other alternative was that we fly DAVAO – MANILA – CEBU. Ano sila, hilo? Was I supposed to thank them for that offer?! That offer is ridiculous because the DVO – MNL flight departs at 4AM and the MNL – CEB flight departs at 8AM. *Cheers Zestair! you are the best in taking care of customers!* We get a cancelled flight, and in return you offer us a tour of LUZON, VISAYAS, AND MINDANAO in 6 Hours! Take note that we have to be in the airport 2 hours before our flight, so the entire “tour” will last 8 hours! You should promote this!!! NOT.

    I asked to speak with whoever has the authority to fix my problem. And today I got a call from their manager/supervisor, some Jocelyn Tolentino, who offered me 3 alternatives:
    * A Refund ( of P980 each! *woah I’m rich!!!*)
    * DVO-MNL-CEBU flight (PILIPINAS in 8 hours, san ka pa?)
    * Rebooking our flight to OCTOBER. (I forgot to ask if this was free of charge though. harhar)

    She also mentioned that there is nothing they can do because company policy says they cannot transfer us to another airline. Because their management is incredibly generous (this is nothing but sarcasm, of course) they also booked us via Cebu Pacific (everyone, kindly give them a round of applause) and making us pay for it.

    Who wouldn’t be a disgruntled customer?! To those who know me, you know that I have travelled A LOT. This had been, by far, my worst airline experience. I don’t know why I even bothered to make a booking via this airline.

    Now, let me ask you, is there any establishment out there who can beat this kind of service? Would you like to fly on an airline who treats customers this way?! I don’t think so. Tell your friends.

    Eden Siason

  2. Marx del Rosario
    Zest Air sucks. Their planes suck, the management sucks, and their service sucks worst of all.

    We booked 2 round-trip flights SNG-MNL-SNG for two separate dates. (Feb 5 & Feb 12) Then Zest Air had “operational issues” that forced them to cancel all SNG-MNL flights. Their staff called my gf (travelling on Feb. 5) to inform her of the cancellation. They managed to book her a flight in CebuPac but had to do it LAST MINUTE. This is understandable, considering that several passengers need to be booked and the availability of seats are getting fewer and fewer as the flight date draws nearer. So I thought they will give the same treatment to me. My gf even asked the customer service rep who called her about the Feb. 12 flight. The CSR replied that they are handling the passengers with the earlier flights first. So we waited.

    Then on Feb. 8 I received an email that tells me my flight is cancelled (I expected it). But this time, they can only give me a refund. WHAT?!? A measly refund??? What about the time I lost? They know that booking fees increase as the flight date gets nearer. Why didn’t they inform me earlier that they aren’t going to book me another flight on another airline? What kind of service is that? I waited for them to call me, but they didn’t. So I called them.

    After about 10 minutes of waiting, (on a long-distance call!!!) a CSR answered. I told him about my problem, and all he can say is, “Sorry, sir. Management decision po.” I replied, “Management decision din ba na hindi kami i-inform ng mas maaga? Alam n’yo namang tumataas ang fares pag lumalapit ang flight date. Yung kasama ko nai-rebook ninyo. Umasa ako na tatawagan ninyo ako para i-inform ng developments, tapos magse-send kayo ng email 4 days before my flight? Wala nang available seats sa ibang airlines! Yung natitirang airlines na may seats, aabutin ng 30,000 PhP yung fee!” Again, he could only reply, “Sorry, management decision po.” I knew then that he was just like a robot, forced to stick to the script and I really can’t blame him. He’s just a guy who answers phone calls, the real culprit is Zest Air’s management. He added that he will “expedite” the refund. I asked, “How soon can I get the refund? I need to book a flight immediately.” He said, “30-60 days.” WOW. Even if they can expedite the refund to 1 week, I only have 4 days left before my flight! And with the sky-high prices of the available flights, I need all the cash I can get. And the annoying thing is, THEY COULD HAVE TOLD ME EARLIER THAT THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO FIND ME ANOTHER FLIGHT! There is no way they could not have foreseen this catastrophe and informed all the affected passengers much earlier. Gusto kang isaksak ang refund sa mga ngala-ngala ng board of directors nila.

    Don’t let this happen to you, people. Let this be a lesson to all of you. Avoid Zest Air if you could. Pay a few more for the other airlines with better track records, no point in paying less and getting screwed. Zest Air sucks. They suck so very hard.

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  4. i super hate zest air too!! one time when we went to bora, we had no choice to take zest air for our flight back to manila since cebu pac was already fully booked. our etd from caticlan was supposed to be at 4pm, aba walang eroplano! we were transferred pa to kalibo and left at 9:30pm! nagbigay lang ng pampalubag loob na burger at zesto! zest air really suck big time!! i hope someone from their management can read this post.

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