Pending and Degree Program with Available Slots Stories


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Pending and Degree Program with Available Slots Stories


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  3. Good day po. Itatanong ko lang po sana ‘yung about sa pending case. Medyo unclear po sa akin kasi when we went to UP, sabi sa’kin after I submitted my req., I don’t have a sure chance of making it to any college. It’s kind of devastating, because I want to study there and all that. Parang ang scary po kasi nung pagkakasabi, 50:50 daw ‘yung chance that I’ll be admitted. Akala ko po kasi when I have already submitted my req okay na. What’s the deal po ba talaga when someone is on pending case? Is there a chance that I don’t make it to UP, even if I passed? Sorry po pero I just want to make things clear para makahinga ng maluwag. Thank you po.

    • Ganito na lang…wala pa akong kakilala/narinig na kwento na Pending na hindi nakapasok sa UP. So kung meron mang hindi nakapasok, siguro konting-konti lang yun, sa dami na ng kakilala kong na-pending.

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