Now That I’m Already A Mom, Gets Ko Na!


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Now That I’m Already A Mom, Gets Ko Na!


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  1. Hi Dew! Thanks so much for sharing your post.Sobrang natawa na naman told the ‘truths’ in such a funny way.

    Honestly,when i was younger,i met people who i knew ‘belittled’ my being a housewife and full time mom and i got affected deep inside though i never admitted it.
    Through the years though,i have learned to appreciate my choice and in fact,i feel privileged that i have a choice of working or not working.My heart goes out to moms who are so exhausted and stressed already and want to quit their jobs but simply can’t.I have 5 really kind(they all talk politely even to the help,maawain sa poor) and sweet(they come to my room just to hug and kiss me.even my teen age boys still do and are so expressive enough to say that they are so lucky na ako ang mom nila) children and i think they wouldn’t have turned out this way had i left them with the yayas all these years.
    Am not a perfect mom,i admit but well,i am constantly learning still each day with each child.Basta,my aim always is to create happy memories for my children as much as i can in the hopes that they grow up to be happy beings.I believe it all starts in the home.It’s an easy and simple enough guideline for me to remember. 🙂

    Thanks Dew.Gets mo na ako and gets din kita in many ways and am thrilled for the many discoveries you are making and the wonders you are experiencing in having Raviv!!! Wish you the best! 🙂

    • Thanks Joy! Ako naman, I’m glad I’m able to still supervise Raviv while working…aakyat lang ako, hehe. That’s what I love about our work. When I hear Raviv cry, I would race to where he is. He is also often brought to our office by his nannies.

      Pero kung iba siguro ang set-up, ang hirap no? Miss na miss ko.

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  4. Hi Ms. Dew. Alam mo, pareho tayo ng reaction nung nameet ko si Mommy Wen. Actually minsan ko lang siya nameet and di ko siya kilala personally, pero nakikita ko siya kasi yung pamangkin ko kaschoolmate yung mga anak niya nung preschool sa Montessori Children’s House. At saka minsan siya yung nagspeech sa program. Hanga kami kasi mabait siya at very humble, mahal siya ng mga bata sa school kahit yung mga yayang nagbabantay doon, tapos nalaman naming duktor pala siya pero di niya binabanggit. Mommy Wen kasi ang tawag sa kanya doon ng lahat ng bata, pati teacher at parents. Yung pamangkin ko HS na hanggang ngayon Mommy Wen pa rin ang tawag sa kanya. Tapos nalaman namin na professor na pala siya noon sa PGH pero nagresign sya, tapos nung nagkakids di na siya nagwork. Yung kids niya hindi nag-yaya, laki sa kanya. Pagnameet mo sila, behave at mababait lahat, at saka good manners. Pag sinasabing sayang naman ang pagkaduktor nya, ngingiti lang daw sya at sasabihing walang sayang pag pamilya ang inuna. Sana pag nagkaanak ako, makuha ko rin mag-give up ng career at maghands-on na magulang.

    • Hi Ms. Grazelle! Agree with you! Dra. Wen is so humble! She’s always gentle and smiling whenever she talks to us–I’ve never heard her talk arrogantly or in a maarte or even pasosyal way! When she calls us, she refers to herself as Mommy Wen nga, not even Dr. Raymundo just to intimidate our staff. All the more I appreciate her as we’ve experienced several parents na sugod at galit lang agad without even knowing what really happened, or kahit mali ang anak doon kumakampi at lahat na ng palusot idadahilan lumabas lang na hindi anak nila ang dapat sisihin.

      We’ve already had two Raymundo boys as students, and both of them were really good boys. ‘Pag absent, talagang nag-a-attend ng make-up classes, unlike yung iba reklamo pa nang reklamo eh kung tutuusin we just want to give them their money’s worth. With her children’s attitude and laurels, I’m sure Mommy Wen has no regrets.

      I’m actually looking forward to meeting the Raymundo unica hija this June.

      By the way, how did you stumble upon my blog? Thanks for the comment!

      • Nasa top 100 blogs for home and living po kayo 🙂 Halu-halong blogs po yon, hindi lang wordpress. Page 2 pa lang po kita na ang blog ninyo. 🙂

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