When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 3)


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When God Parted Our Red Sea (Part 3)


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  1. Dew, I had a similar experience last year. My Lucas had reflux and he was vomiting milk almost as soon as we put him down after feeding. His first pedia said there might be a need for a surgery to cure that. He also had neonatal pneumonia which, she said, could be a result of the reflux. He got admitted in the hospital and all. Two weeks after he was discharged, I changed pedias and he was better. No need to undergo a surgery.

    Your post inspired to write my newbie mom challenges too 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Maggie! I’m glad that your Lucas did not go surgery too! Praise God for that. 🙂 In my case, I was so afraid because it would have been a surgery in the head! I used to say “Sana paa na lang, kamay na lang, pero pag involved yung brain, sobrang nakakatakot. Strike a nerve here and the effect could be life-wrecking. Plus yung ichura na may bandages sa ulo ang baby ko…just the thought makes me shiver.”

  2. Amazing post Dew, really touching. I was really following this series as I wanted to know what happened next, even if today Ravivo is doing fine and is a happy baby. Thank God indeed that my inaanak is well. Now all that tension is over, how about another sibling for Raviv? Para more cute kids. Hahaha

    • Hay naku Light, and then get another scare like that?!? Hehe. Yes, thank God talaga! Your godson is so malikot! He’s also very gregarious—sama lang nang sama sa mga tao. I was afraid he might not be normal or might have learning and motor disabilities. But no—weeks away from his first birthday, he was already walking quickly, crawling up and down the stairs (3 consecutive times pa!), can lift even heavy objects, recognized stars, etc. Now, he already knows to give flying kisses, wave, point his ears, tongue, etc! I know these aren’t exactly amazing things, but with what he’s gone through, these things are totally amazing to me! 🙂

      Thank you Light!

      PS: Ikaw ang mag-anak ka na! 🙂

  3. Dew,

    Amazing experience!

    Indeed, God is good. I experienced the same as both my two grown-up children had to hurdle asthma as early as 1 month old (they got it from their Dad). Now, the elder one is working as a horticulturist in SG while the younger one is in UPD’s College of Music while performing on the side at the CCP, Manila Hotel, EDSA Shang, Manila Pen, etc. They’ve both outgrown asthma. But the younger one almost died at 11 months old because of atypical measles (we brought him to Medical City after we got impatient with a local hospital’s “oobserbahan pa po natin Ma’am”).


    • Hi! Thank you for dropping by 🙂 I said your “Hi” to him…he is returning it with his wet, saliva-filled kiss 🙂

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