Fitness Friday


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Fitness Friday


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    • Aww, thanks Ate Jean! 🙂 Coming from you, that sure is a huge deal. After I read this, I couldn’t remove the smile off my face.

  1. Go, go Dew. Let’s get fit! I too am just getting started on my weekly Zumba sessions. Fun naman siya. May send akong video sa ‘yo na exercise. Haven’t tried it but just by watching it looks effective.

    • Saw it Light, thank you! What’s Zumba (sagutin mo na rin even though you know i”m gonna Google it right after I hit ENTER)?

      • Zumba: Ditch the workout, Join the party. :)) Sayaw lang kami ng sayaw for a full hour. There are breaks inbetween songs naman. I just wanted a workout that didn’t feel like a workout. I just wanna dance (with somebody who loves me!) Hahahaha. Cue Whitney.

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