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Helper Humor


Learn this lesson:  when giving commands or requests, be as specific as possible.  Better yet, write what you want them to buy.  If everything else fails, just laugh and be amused.  Here are some hilarious conversations I’ve had with our helpers recently.


On the dinner table after my son’s  dedication/binyag, we were eating the leftovers from the caterer…

Hubby:  Please pass the tiramisu.

I passed the tiramisu to him

Alona:  Ay, tiramisu pala talaga ang pangalan ng cake na yan?

Me:  Oo bakit, ano’ng akala mo?

Alona:  Akala ko kaya ninyo tinatawag na tiramisu kasi tira-tira lang, hihihi…

(May point siya!)

Tiramisu nung hindi pa sila tira-tira

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How to be a Teacher’s Pet…or Pet Peeve


I am not posting from my experience as a teacher’s pet, because honestly, I think I was one of my teachers’ pet peeves.  This I realize now that I have been teaching for some time.  In fact, before I go ahead, I’d like to publicly apologize to the teachers I’ve offended particularly on my college days.  Sirs and mesdames, you know who you are.  Kayo po yung mga teachers na tinulugan ko o binasahan ko ng Harry Potter habang nagle-lecture.  Kayo rin po yung masama na ang tingin tuloy pa rin ang pakikipagdaldalan ko sa katabi ko, o kaya hindi ko pinapasukan o kung pinapasukan man eh para mag-sign lang ng attendance.  I’m not proud of what I’ve done–in fact, I am ashamed of myself now that I have followed your footsteps.  Ang sarap ko po palang kutusan.  I used to think that my “extracurricular activities” during your classes were not obvious:  kitang-kita pala that I was reading a different book, that I was tinkering my cellular phone, and that I was chatting with my seatmate (orally and even on paper, obvious pa rin) despite the fact that I was seated at the back.  I want you to know that if I were given a time machine, I would return to your classes and be a student who would motivate and inspire you to do better in your craft.

Anyway, I’ve rounded up the opinions of my colleagues (from our chitchats) on how a student becomes their pet or pet peeve.  Here they are: Read the rest of this entry