Justice Must Also Be Given to Rochel Geronda!


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Justice Must Also Be Given to Rochel Geronda!


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  1. while I do respect your views, and of course I sympathize with the loss ( I myself am friendly with these sampaguita children), please refrain from generalizing that LB community ignores such issues. I don’t know if you have overheard such statements from UP students; if you did, then feel free to condemn those people who said such horrible things. But please, it doesn’t mean that the UPLB community doesn’t feel bad or don’t want to have anything to do with the incident.

    I DO KNOW FOR A FACT THAT MANY UP STUDENTS ARE IN CLOSE CONTACT WITH THESE SAMPAGUITA CHILDREN, SOME ARE EVEN REGULAR CUSTOMERS. And a lot of my friends who are from UPLB express their sympathy and anger through their statuses.

    I know you thought twice about your statements. Just a friendly reminder from another UPLB graduate.

    • just a quick follow up: I know the victim personally. Ngayon ko lang nakita yung picture nya, and while it’s sad to admit that I usually forget her name, lagi nya ako binabati everytime na magkikita kami sa Grove.

      For now, let’s just pray for the eternal repose of her soul.

      • Yeah, my friends Rhia and Chi (who got to invite them to church) told me that she and her friends greet them every time.

        Again, my apologies if I have offended you. I’ll reread what I’ve written–I posted it immediately as soon as I finished. As far as I know, I was not trying to say that the LB/UPLB community are mocking what happened to Rochel, just that we should do more than feel sad for her.

        PS: ‘Yun palang “baka nagtatawanan pa”, I was referring to the criminals. I was not referring to LB folks. I already put a “(criminals)” on my post so as to not confuse people.

    • Thank you for the reminder Mino. All I’m asking for is for this for this to be publicized as well, kahit konti lang. I was just sad that this news seemed like a so-so news.

      Anyway, at the risk of making this exchange between us lengthy, I am generalizing because that’s what I observed IN GENERAL. Yes there may be quite a few who buzzed about this, but in my observation, they GENERALLY did not. As I’ve said, I’m not influential or gregarious, so I apologize if the GENERAL I’m talking about is too narrow.

      Again, thank you for telling me that there really are some who are not taking this lightly. I actually feel happy about that.

  2. I graduated from UPLB. I’ve notified my fraternity brod who has connections in Laguna to look into this. Very sad story… Thanks for sharing btw.

    • Thank you for that! 🙂

      Let me say too that the Los Banos community has started making noise about the tragedy that happened to Rochel. I hope we continue to do so.

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  4. Ma’am Dewmaine.

    I like your comment on this issue. Hindi kailangan na si Rochel e taga campus din. Pare-pareho tayong tao. Pare-pareho lamang tayo ng karapatan.


  5. Amen to this one. It’s just so sad to know na sa halos 23 years kong paninirahan sa eLBi, ngayon lang nngyari ‘to. At magkasunod pa. I miss the old, laidback, and peaceful Los Baños. If this is what they call “Bagong Los Baños”, if this is the price of ‘progress’, then i want to go back to the old one.

    And thank you for stressing the point that we should also treat this case in the same way we shouted justice for Given Grace.

    I want to see the old, peaceful, and quiet eLBi again. Hopefully.

    • I know, it’s really sad. Los Banos has produced great minds and is instrumental in honing the minds, talents, and principles of future leaders. This is no place for lowlives.

      When I was filling out my UPCAT application form back then, I did not even have thoughts of choosing UP Manila or UP Diliman because I wanted peace and quiet—I want the suburban atmosphere of LB. I often brag about UPLB to my UPCAT review students. I tell them to choose UPLB because studying here is better. Now, I don’t know what to say to them anymore if they say something like, “probinsya nga pero pinamumugaran ng mga rapists.”

  6. I am angry at the UPLB university faculty and administration. I gave a talk at UPLB SEARCA in 2009. I was shocked by the indifference, the lack of truth-telling, the absence of action by the faculty regarding poverty and free speech. I have a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley in the US. When I go to the Philippines, I am honored to be with the Filipino people but I am continually shocked at how the educated class acts as a servant to American transnational corporations. The educated class is silent when Rochel Geronda was killed because the university functions as a propaganda tool for the powerful, not as an institution for seeking and telling the truth. It’s okay to be angry at the university. The students dare to show signs of dignity and courage but they are silenced by the faculty who serve not justice and truth but who serve in silence the rich.

    • With all due respect Dr. Mark Mason, but your observation is baseless and far from being a fact. The UP community is firm on its stand for justice and serving the country, and not the rich and influential people. The university has never been a tool by the rich people; UP people always uphold the truth — that is why the university is known to be active in activism. I was wondering how you got that impression when the fact is that you just gave a talk at UPLB SEARCA. Your talking trash, Dr. Mason.

  7. Exactly my sentiment! Thank you for putting them into words. I am likewise a graduate of UPLB and my daughter is currently a freshman student, but I feel for this girl and her family. She deserves the same swift justice rendered to Given Grace or any other person for that matter, mayaman man o mahirap…

    I hope it’s okay if I shared your blog through my FB account.

    • Hello! Of course I won’t. I actually shamelessly posted this on my friends’ walls, as I really hope someone influential will read this and feel compelled to do something (never mind using this case as a political propaganda, basta mabigyan lang ng justice si Rochel).

      Thank you for sharing and for the comment.

  8. Rochel Geronda’s school should initiate the indignation rally. thanks, momsterteacher for your updates. keep it coming.

    • I think so too, esp because the population of LBNHS is large.

      We visited Rochel’s wake this morning. I will write about it tonight.

      Thank you for dropping by.

  9. I am really saddened by what has happened, I also graduated from UPLB. I t is a nice place to stay way back in the 80’s. I remember during those days that I love walking at LB grounds even at night, so peaceful. I am just so concerned on what the police is doing to maintain peace at LB? There needs to be a concerted efforts from all sectors to make LB peaceful again, and free from violent crimes against women.

  10. Walang taga UP o taga National when it comes to justice! Every person taga Los Banos o bisita o estudyante, negosyante lahat at dapat pangalagahan ng namumuno ng bayan ng Los Banos na dati ay kinasasabikan balikan pero kung ang FO Santos ay hindi manlamang napapangalagahan ay sino na ang maghahari diyan?

    Gumising tayo at ayusin natin ang bayan hindi lang mag ingay ang kailangan ay gumalaw hindi bukas dapat ngayon na at ng maagapan. Sayang wala ako sa ating bayan sa ngayon.

  11. A Call for UPLB and Los Banos Communities:

    March 5 (5:30 p.m.) – Indignation rally for the murder of Ray Bernard Peñaranda – 5:30 p.m.

    March 6 (4:00 p.m. , UPLB Carabao Park)- Indignation rally for the rape-slay case of LBNHS’s Rochel Geronda and murder of UPLB’s Ray Bernard Peñaranda; and a commemoration of UPLB’s Given Grace Cebanico’s rape-slay case.
    — in cooperation with UPLB Office of the Chancellor, UPLB Counseling and Testing Division, UPLB Gabay Volunteer Corps, Kairos Band, Gabriela Youth-UPLB and UP Entomological Society.

  12. it’s not enough that the Police Chief was relieved of his duties,if you ask me.ngayon nila ginawa ito after Ray Bernanrd was killed pero mukhang wala naman silang ginawang aksyon sa pagkamatay ni Rochel.
    basically,this is a bgy problem.has anyone ever thought of filing administrative charges against the bgy officials there among the parents of the victims?kung ginagawa nila ang trabaho nila,kung may nagroronda buong magdamag may mga krimen bang ganyan na mangyayari?it’s not an excuse na masyadong malaki yung lugar para mabantayan,then they should find ways to do so.

  13. Sinisira ng mga walanghiyang kriminal ang imahe ng Los Baños bilang isang tahimik at masayang lugar. The authorities and government agencies concerned should put their acts together to maintain peace and order in LB, and in the whole country for that matter. It’s sad that what we can only do for Rochel is maawa and to pray for her, pero sabi nga makapangyarihan ang panalangin. Ang nakakainis lang: yung lugar na kinasanayan natin na tahimik na lugar at kumukupkop sa maraming matatalinong tao e pinamumugaran na rin ng mga bobo at walang kaluluwang kriminal. Justice should be given to Rochel and her family the soonest!

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  16. Friends, galing ako kanina sa wake ni Rochel. Binigay ko yung na-collect ko money dito sa office namin.(LB-based kasi tong pinapasukan ko. Malapit lang sa UPLB). Mukhang kelangan nga nila ng financial assistance.

    UPLB graduate din ako but I am deeply affected din sa nangyari kay Rochel even if hindi sya UPLB student (matalino yung bata, by the way. pwede siguro sya maging iska kung umabot sana sya ng college). Kung andito lang din po kau sa LB, baka pwede kau maghelp sa kanila financially.

    Kung interested kau pumunta sa kanila, PM nyo na lang ako. bigay ko directions. pero wag po kau punta sa gabi. obvious kasi na delikado nga yung daan papunta kanila. puro banana plantations…

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