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Nov. 29, 2011: Raviv’s Milestone Day


Today wasn’t supposed to be eventful, as just thinking about yesterday’s events already makes my head spin [yesterday, Monday, Randy and I claimed our Metrodeals Teeth Whitening coupon at DentaCare on Timog, Quezon City (I’ll make a separate blog about this) then had a meeting with the owners of New England College on Quezon Avenue (this is a new BRAIN TRAIN venue!) then proceeded to the Abba’s Orchard School on Katipunan (to drop off BRAIN TRAIN Reg Forms, as we will still conduct a review here), and to Tiendesitas (to have our super duper late lunch)…all throughout, we were met by heavy traffic]!  Upon getting home, we were both doggone tired.   So tired that Randy woke up quite late today (almost 6 am).  Just after a few minutes after Randy had woken up, my little boy also woke up.  I tried patting him on his butt to get him to sleep again (so I can sleep more), but he was already up and about.  He was a good boy as he remained lying on bed, but he kept on babbling and babbling.  His babbles are music to my ears, and so I gladly woke up and imitated his babbling.  Then I called his Tatay for their Father and Son Morning Ritual.  Of course, Raviv acted excitedly especially when he saw his Tatay.  When Randy was already carrying him, Raviv said “Tatay” clearly for the first time!  Well, he used to utter Tata, tata and something similar unclearly, but this is the first time he said it very clearly!  We were both happy. Read the rest of this entry


Grab My Bag: Selling my leather Coach Legacy Lily


Speaking of bags (I’ve just posted an entry about my restored Chanel bag), I’ve recently kalkal-ed my bag shelves and saw my almost unused leather Coach Legacy Lily bag.  It is such a pity that this has almost never seen the light of day.

It looks really gorgeous, but I’ve decided to sell it to have a pandagdag to my money to buy a new bag.   You see, I now need bigger bags to have room for my son’s paraphernalia (thinking of buying a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM which I can use as a diaper bag).  And in addition to that…well…I also wanna buy a Balenciaga motorcycle bag, ssshh!!!.

Anyway, I’m selling this bag for a song!  Check out its description and brand new price from this website which I copied:

See the price?  It costs $1,198 or approximately P55,000 (Php-US$ exchange rate I used is P46:$1).  Now, I’m selling my fantabulous bag for only P20,000.  On Ebay, I saw a US-based seller selling a similar bag for $799, or P36,794 using the same exchange rate.  The description even says that the owner used her Lily Legacy bag everyday, whereas I’ve used mine less than 10x. Read the rest of this entry

Surrendering to TV


I’ve always told myself that I’d try to delay Raviv from getting addicted to television–I want him to read books and engage in physical activities instead.  But just last week, I put him in his playpen and almost forced him to watch whatever was on Disney Junior.  Yes, the mom who kept telling her son’s yayas not to make Raviv watch TV was almost shoving the TV to Raviv’s face…twice now.  So bite me! Read the rest of this entry

Strike 2 Na! Promise, we’ll listen to you Doc!


In one of our regular check-ups, our pedia has warned us about using a walker…she said that walkers have been in fact banned in the US because of the number of accidents it causes.

We have a walker–a hand-me-down walker, that is.  It was borrowed from a second cousin when my niece came for a visit years ago.  Since my Tita has been ligated, she told us not to return the walker anymore.  And so it’s just sitting in our bodega, until Raviv came along. Read the rest of this entry

How Nescafe Sweet ‘N Mild Perks Me Up and Keeps Me Awake


GOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOOOORNIIIIIIIIING SA INYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! By now, I’m sure this line has become notorious to you:  this signals the Nescafe Sweet ‘n Mild commercial.  My friend Light Manuel told me she hates this commercial so much, but I love it–it perks me up.  Why?  Because my son loves it so much.

Raviv’s Yaya Isay told me that this Nescafe commercial is my son’s fave, along with two Colgate commercials (“Brush brush three times a day” and “Parang tiger…rawr!”).  She said that my niece Yoona also loves this commercial.  Every time this commercial is shown on TV, my son would stop whatever he’s doing and would stare into the TV and smile his cute smile.

This is how Raviv smiles as he watches the Nescafe Sweet 'n Mild commercial.

Read the rest of this entry

Taking Tuberculosis for Granted


The very first time we consulted our pediatrician, she told us to screen EVERYONE in the household–have them undergo chest X-ray to determine whether or not they have tuberculosis.

chest radiographs

Image by uafcde via Flickr

About a week after that came Raviv’s very first nanny whom we “imported” from Mindanao, recommended by the mother of my sister-in-law.  We had her X-rayed a few days after her arrival.  We did not think she has it, but just to follow the doctor’s recommendation, we had her X-rayed.  Her result came and it recommended further testing.  At that time, I almost never wanted to part with my baby, and she almost never touched my baby…which turned out to be a good thing because we discovered she had TB Read the rest of this entry

Party Planning for Raviv’s 1st Birthday Party


Planning my little boy’s birthday party is a stressful bliss for me…I love thinking of ways how to make his party memorable, yet hating that these things are going to cost, and then becoming ecstatic when I think of ways to cut cost, and then hate myself again when I realize that my eureka! cost-cutting measures are actually even more expensive and troublesome.  But this does not deter me. Read the rest of this entry

On Teaching Our Kids Values: Should we put impetus on rewards and repercussions?

Some Sundays ago, Pastor Ernie Aragon of Victory Christian Fellowship Calamba preached at our mother church Victory Los Banos.  Although my husband and I both love our Pastor Jon, Pastor Ernie’s “guest appearance” was refreshing.  And may I just say that I just love a speaker who has good voice, diction, and grammar (I know it’s wrong but I am often distracted when the speaker in front of me mispronounces words or uses the past tense of a verb even with the presence of do, does, or did…anyway, moving forward…)

I liked Pastor Ernie’s preaching on that particular Sunday afternoon.  I, however, have forgotten the topic and wasn’t able to fully concentrate on the Word because of a squirming baby boy na itatago natin sa pangalang RAV4.  But I caught snippets of his preaching, and they struck home.  It was basically about the things we do for God…do we do these things out of fear/obligation and anticipated rewards, or do we do these things because we love God and want Him to be happy?  In tackling this, he  gave some examples of situations when we choose to be honest or serve God, and asked us our motivation was in doing/not doing things. Read the rest of this entry