Dew Drops Wisdom chronicles my thoughts about life, education, learning, and everything else in between!  These are actually my musings about anything amusing for me, or anything that gets me thinking.  Some may make you laugh, smile or utter, “Oo nga!”  Or perhaps even, “Hindi kaya!”

PS:  This is also where I put my Wardrobe Diary posts


Wardrobe Diary #1: Channeling Blair Waldorf (Jan. 25, 2012)

Credit Card Care Reminder

UPCAT Result 2012

How ZestAir Removed My Zest to Travel

Product Review: Baby Jill Pocket Diapers

Grrrr Globe!

If I Could Just Have One…

How Much Is Your Budget?

My Chanel Bag Restored by Vintage Restore

On Teaching Our Kids Values: Should we put impetus on rewards and repercussions?

Helper Humor

Justice Should be (for) Given

Random Thoughts 2

Passion for Work

Random Thoughts

Reaction to James Soriano’s “Language, learning, identity, privilege” aka “Filipino is the language of the streets”

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Don’t Call Me “Misis”!

For All the Women at Risk of Being Blinded by that Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Recycled Blog Entry: My First Real Heartbreak…over a Bag!


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