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Reaction to James Soriano’s “Language, learning, identity, privilege” aka “Filipino is the language of the streets”


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Reaction to James Soriano’s “Language, learning, identity, privilege” aka “Filipino is the language of the streets”


Brave Baby Boy


Raviv had a fever on Wednesday afternoon, hours after his third PCV shot. We took it in stride, thinking that the fever was because of the shot. But it went on until nighttime until the following day. We of course got worried, especially with the daily “Dalawang bata nanaman ang namatay sa dengue ngayon”.  For several weeks now, that kind of news signals that TV Patrol is about to start. It also jumpstarts my fears for my baby. Add to that the fact that two of our household help had dengue simultaneously. And so on Raviv’s 2nd day of fever, had went to the hospital lab to get a complete blood count with platelet. At the hospital: Read the rest of this entry

Pregnancy Pamahiins


There are so many sabi-sabi‘s when it comes to pregnancy. As someone who doesn’t really believe in such, my husband and I would often shrug off practically anything that oldies and non-science people say. I’ve been trying to debunk scary myths even when I was about to get married; for example, I was warned not to try on my wedding gown prior to my getting married but then I did, several times pa! And our wedding pushed through.  I also did not offer eggs to Sta. Clara despite the pleas of my wedding coordinator. So my point is that I am very anti-pamahiin.  But to my amazement, some pamahiins did make sense to me…they may be mere coincidences but I admit I think there is a grain of truth to these sabi-sabi’s.  I’m going to list down the pamahiins I heard when I was pregnant, and which ones I may now believe in and which ones are purely bull. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Birthday Hubby!


Today is my husband’s birthday. I originally planned to make a poem for him, but the plan got lost along the way (no excuses!) Thus, I’m just going to make an impromptu essay about him.

I’ve never said this “out loud” about any of my exes because 1.) I want others to say it for me, and 2.) because I had doubts.  But I am going to say it about my husband because I honestly think that my husband is, HANDSOME.  There I sad it, my husband is handsome!  But that is just icing on the cake. He is so much more. In fact, every time I “stumble upon” (hehe, hindi ako stalker ‘no!) the FB profiles of my exes or former crushes, I utter a prayer of thanks that they were a-holes (or that I was an a-hole then) when we were dating…otherwise I might have ended up with any of them. But thank God I didn’t. Thank God I’m with a man who may not have been ideal in the beginning (because of circumstances brought about by a mistake he made more than a decade ago), but he stuck to his word when he told me to be patient and stick with him because in the near future, “They will envy us.” Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Call Me “Misis”!


I never had qualms about getting married especially to someone “worthy of me” and someone I love.  I was already 22 years old then and settling down was not far from my mind, especially because Randy and I have been a couple for four years (22 years old is actually still too young, but then if you know me, planning a wedding would take YEARS thus it wasn’t that early; I actually got married at 24, a few months shy from my 25th birthday)…that is, until one fateful day in the office. Read the rest of this entry

When Fetus Ladaga Became Infant Ladaga Part 2


continued from When Fetus Ladaga Became Infant Ladaga Part 1

December 25, 2010
…So I went home and ate again.  But barely an hour after, the contractions’ duration was longer and the intervals between one another were shorter.  I texted Doc Guada again, and she told me to return to LBDH.  It was around 5 p.m. when I returned to LBDH.  Instead of getting the same female doctor, Doc Guada instructed the ER staff to get a seasoned midwife to check by how much my cervix has expanded.  And so a seasoned midwife checked my cervix (another painful lesbian experience).  The midwife said that my cervix has dilated to 5 cm (to those who do not know, active labor or the iri-iri starts when a mom’s cervix has dilated to 10 cm).  The midwife predicted that the baby may be out as early as 10 p.m.  Randy expressed that he prefers that the baby be born on Dec. 26 instead of Dec. 25, because if baby gets born on Dec. 25, his birthday wouldn’t have an “identity”.  He might have no guests on his birthday parties and he wouldn’t feel that Dec. 25 is “his day”.  So the midwfe said that Randy shouldn’t let me walk to delay my giving birth.  We talked to Doc Guada, and she instructed me to go to the Asian Hospital right away with my admitting order slip from her. Read the rest of this entry

When Fetus Ladaga Became Infant Ladaga Part 1

 December 24, 2010

Randy and I walked our dogs (2 mini poodles and 1 dobermann) around UP campus at about 7 a.m.  I was feeling very lethargic on this day, not to mention sleepy.  But I thought I was just extra lazy. 

After our dogwalk, we proceeded to South Supermarket to buy ingredients for the Noche Buena handa.  South Supermarket was soooo crowded!  Randy requested to leave me because there was a scheduled Miami Heat game at 11 a.m., and he knew staying at South with me will make him miss the start of the game.  I begrudgingly said, “OK fine!”  He sent over our male helper Buboy to fall in line with me and bring me home.

Upon arriving home, I felt soooo sleepy.  I slept for hours, and woke up when my Tita Cristy came to fetch TJ (brother) and Ruth (sis-in-law) to bring to Tiaong, for their child (Yoona) will be christened the following day (Christmas).  I  told them I’ll just go there on Christmas in time fior Yoona’s christening. Read the rest of this entry

Reminiscing My Hell Months as a Pregnant Woman

As I reposted my recycled blog entry about pregnancy, I couldn’t help but reminisce the pains I’d undergone just to hold my already-very-heavy-but-super-adorable baby that is Raviv.  I remember how I swore to myself that I’d

26 weeks pregnant

NEVER, EVER get pregnant again (yes, that’s how bad it was).  I even guiltily remember how I wished the baby in my tummy would just vanish (Raviv, I’m so sorry for ever thinking that…I love you so much baby that I’d gladly undergo even double or triple what I’ve gone through just to hold you in my arms).

Just how bad was it?  Girls, read on so you’d know what you’ll be getting yourselves into and really prepare.  I’ve made a list of the things that made pregnancy such a chore: Read the rest of this entry

Recycled Blog Entry: WARNING: The Pains of Pregnancy are Underrated


[Originally posted on Facebook Notes on Thursday, June 10, 2010 at 5:05pm]

If only teenage girls know exactly what I’m experiencing right now, parents need not worry about their girls having sex. They’d abhor what I’m feeling and will be afraid of sex forever.

I was like this until my 12th week.

I’m on my 10th or 11th week (I lost track), and still sufferring (oops, just puked, really). Being on my first trimester, I’m one of the 50% of unlucky pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness (morning sickness is a misnomer! I feel sick at the wee hours of the morning, after lunch, in the evening, and everytime I smell or even think about deodorants and garlic! Oops, I’ve thought of them…barf again!). Tv and movies often exaggerate so many things, but they have downplayed pregnancy! I used to think that, when one is pregnant, she’d barf a couple of times and then she can resume her normal life. How little did I know!!! Read the rest of this entry