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Passion for Work


Sometimes people (this used to include me) don’t get it why their colleagues get the raises and the promotions instead of them.  They argue that they work as hard or are even more disciplined.  But now I get it.  It’s because the people who get raises and promotions have passion.  You know it when your colleague has it, but you usually shrug it off.  Now that I’m an employer, I can say that bosses also sense it easily.  And they appreciate it more than your perfect attendance.  We sense when employees are simply dragging themselves to work, doing things like robots and mind dreaming that it is already time to go.  We sense it when they have this “I-am-destined-for-greater-things” and “I-am-just-waiting-for-that-call-from-this-company-wherein-I-am-really-suited” attitude.  And you know what, we respond with “Just-please-go-because-if-you’re-like-that-we don’t-need-you-here-as-well” or “If-you’re-too-good-for-this-why-are-you-still-here?” thoughts.  So even if the boss isn’t saying anything, an I’m-too-good-for-this-job employee tells colleagues, “I sense it, our boss doesn’t like me.” Read the rest of this entry